Fixing of Teeth with Zirconium


Eroded or stained teeth are not a pleasant sight but can be fixed using a zirconium crown. Zirconia is a durable material which used to replace tooth crowns. The strength of the material makes it best for use since it does not wear out quickly. The zirconium dental crowns are ceramic having an appearance which mimics a natural tooth. The top looks natural, very hard to distinguish a zirconium crown from a natural one. The factors make it one of the leading reason why it is highly recommendable for dentists. The material blends in hence prevent issues such allergies. So if you want to improve teeth appearance, this is an excellent option to try out.


When do you require it?

Zirconium dental crowns treatment is done due to different reasons. In general, they bring a better appearance at the same time strengthening teeth. Here are the instances you should consider getting a zirconium dental crown.


  • If you have a dental implant you can add a zirconium crown to it. In the end, you will have a full tooth which is stronger with a better appearance than a natural one.
  • When the teeth are worn out the top is usually eroded. The height reduces making it difficult for the joints between the two jaws, in the end, this can cause damage. Replacing worn out parts solves all this.
  • Distorted teeth are crooked having a bad appearance. If such an issue is not acted upon teeth may continue to get worse. Once corrected the zirconium dentals crown forms a protective layer improving the appearance too.


Most of the dentist do the procedure. First, they need to shape the affected tooth using a small drill. It gives a good shape that will fit the crown perfectly. Next, a mold of the head is made similar to the newly shaped tooth. Once there is the formation of an image on a real zirconium crown, then it is fit in it can is mounted in the tooth.



  • Zirconium dental crowns cause a buildup of confidence. Having stained, crooked teeth can lower esteem especially when smiling. You don’t want people to see your teeth but fixing with such a crown changes everything. The aesthetic improves having white well-shaped teeth.
  • The material is stable as compared to others used to make crowns. It’s resistant to wear when chewing. Once maintained the top could last a lifetime without the need for replacement. The zirconium fits and holds up to the tooth very well. It makes it a suitable material to give a natural look.



If you are considering repairing your teeth with a crown, I would recommend zirconia as the best material to use. It is so much better than putting on a metal crown.


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