Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment Root canal treatment or endodontics therapy is normally justified when a tooth is infected or inflamed. The inflammation can result from disorder in the arteries leading to bad blood and mineral nutrition, periodontal disease or bacterial proliferation in the area or severe trauma or fracture. This Pulp may possibly be damaged or exposed so for these reasons root canal treatment is necessary when possible.

Root canal treatment or endodontic therapy is a sequence of treatments for the pulp of a tooth where the end result is the eradication of the infection & the protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbial invasion. Although this set of events is popularly referred to as a root canal, this term is ambiguous.

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic therapy includes all elimination of these structures, the following cleaning, shaping & decontamination of these spaces and/or filling of the decontaminated root canals with an inert filling. Following the operation the tooth will be “dead” & if the infection has disseminated, root end operation will be necessary.

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