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Laminate Veneers vs Lumineers

Tourmedical Laminate Veneers adn Lumineers Many things said about Laminate Veneers and Lumineers, but what is the real difference ?

Are Lumineers only a trademark name for laminate veneers ?

Laminate veneers : The Difference between lumineers and veneers Omaha

In many cases, the natural beauty of teeth is lost because of the eating and drinking habits of people; this could be due to antibiotics, tobacco, fizzy drinks, tea, or even coffee. On the other hand, some people are simply born with “not-so-white” teeth. However, you can see an end to this teeth discoloration with laminate veneers.
However, many people are often confused about whether they should opt for lumineers or traditional veneers. Lots of individuals are actually quite puzzled about the differences and lack any awareness regarding it. Unless you have the proper awareness, it is impossible for you to know about which is the better option to invest in.
The procedure regarding the application of lumineers and traditional veneers vary immensely. Prior to fixing veneers, the cosmetic dentist shaves quite a bit of the tooth enamel way. This is important for the adhesion between the traditional veneers and your teeth. However, this also means that you can never remove these veneers if the need arises.

However, with lumineers, dentists have to take away little or no tooth enamel. Therefore, in case you want to remove them, you can always ask you dentist to take the lumineers off. In this manner, the better option is probably lumineers although the removal might not be as easy or as cheap as you think.

As far as thickness or bulkiness is concerned, lumineers are much thinner than dental veneers. This probably makes lumineers a far better option. On the other hand, some claim that lumineers are a little more prone to cracking than traditional veneers because of their thinness while there are quite a few experts who say otherwise. It is best for you to seek your dentist’s advice before making the final choice.

The cost of lumineers largely depends on the dentist. Although lumineers are said to be cheaper than traditional veneers, some dentists do tend to charge exuberant amounts for them. It is better for you to have a look around and do some “Dentist” shopping before you actually decide on the dentist who is going to do the procedure for you.

Apart from these differences, it is best for you to seek expert advice from a cosmetic dentist and a lumineers dentist before you make your final decision as your needs may be different or unique. Hence, only a competent dentist can actually tell you about which option suits you better.
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Laminate Veners vs Lumineers by Tourmedical